Current Phoenix native (a rare breed) but dreams of living overseas someday.

Typically spotted in favorite self-appointed uniform: Yoga pants and flip flops

Affinity for “Madrid”, it happens to be her last name AND the capitol of one of the best countries on planet Earth–Flamenco, Riojas, Gaudi, tapas…you dig?

Avid Apple devotee.

Her imagery muse, the Anthropolgie catalog is more than a showcase of fabulous shopping opportunities–it often serves as her professional inspiration, fashion template and breath of fresh air.

Semi-nocturnal, she can often be discovered editing photos, organizing the pantry and catching up on Hulu … sometimes into the wee hours.

Mother to three diversely-talented children and wife to one suspiciously, yet genuinely laid-back husband.

Approaching 40, but still feels like 28 … most days.

Loves being a photographer as much as all these factoids combined.